Full Dental Crown Veneers in Turkey

Dental Crown - A Unique Solution for Tooth Restoration

Dental Crowns, or complete Dental Veneers, provide comprehensive coverage for teeth, enveloping them entirely from all angles. They serve as practical solutions for addressing various dental concerns, including damage, breakage, or excessive wear on teeth. Moreover, Crowns offer transformative results, particularly for teeth with irregular shapes or significant wear, enabling dentists to reshape them entirely, a feat often challenging with Laminate Veneers.

Crafted to harmonize with natural teeth, Crowns can seamlessly close gaps, facilitate bridgework, or even orchestrate a complete smile makeover. Notably, they boast an extended lifespan compared to alternatives like Lumineers while closely resembling natural teeth in appearance, matching their shapes, sizes, and hues.

Beyond their cosmetic benefits, Crowns also serve as protective shields for underlying teeth, promoting the longevity of natural teeth and gum health. Furthermore, crowns’ transformative effects aren’t limited to the dental area alone; they can enhance facial aesthetics, imparting a youthful and refreshed appearance to the lips, cheeks, and mouth region. Patients often find that Crowns contribute significantly to smile makeovers and dental facelifts, amplifying their overall facial aesthetics.

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Metal-fused Porcelain Crowns

PFM, or Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns, represent a fusion of porcelain and metal, delivering a blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. However, their suitability varies depending on individual needs and dental positions. Typically, the core of these crowns comprises a nickel-based metal for a natural look, while an outer layer of porcelain provides a white appearance. Despite their durability, gum recession may reveal a black line, prompting replacement every 6-7 years for optimal gum health. Best suited for posterior teeth and dental implants, PFM crowns are crafted with precision and excellence in dental laboratories across Antalya, Fethiye, Istanbul, and Marmaris. Remember, achieving exceptional results hinges not only on the expertise of the cosmetic dentist but also on the quality of the crowns and the skill of the dental technician involved.

Zirconia-reinforced Porcelain Crowns (Zirconia)

Cubic Zirconia, renowned for its diamond-like qualities, made headlines a few years ago and is now a key component in crafting Zirconium Dioxide used to produce Zirconium Porcelain Crowns. These crowns boast exceptional toughness, durability, and aesthetics thanks to their pure white metal core and porcelain exterior. Some variants are entirely composed of Zirconium, ensuring a seamless appearance without black lines, even if gums recede. With a 100% white composition, Zirconium Porcelain Crowns offer heightened transparency, making them a healthier and more visually appealing alternative to Metal Porcelain Crowns, particularly for upper and lower front teeth or those along the smile line.

Clinics exclusively utilize top-grade Zirconium in crafting these crowns, partnering with dental laboratories renowned for their precision and excellence. Remember, achieving outstanding results relies not only on the expertise of the cosmetic dentist but also on the quality of the crowns and the skill of the dental technician involved. These laboratories prioritize using premium materials sourced from global suppliers, ensuring superior outcomes for patients.


Dental crowns are prosthetic solutions to restore a compromised tooth’s original form and function. They are commonly used to address issues like cracks, fractures, or decay in teeth, hence the term “crowns.” While some crowns may extend partially onto the root surface, they primarily replace the outer portion of a natural tooth’s crown.

Once applied, the crown encapsulates the damaged portion of the tooth above the gum line, providing comprehensive coverage and protection. Each crown is tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the individual tooth, offering a customized solution. Crowns can be crafted from various materials, including ceramics, porcelain, metals, gold, or resin, ensuring versatility and adaptability to meet diverse patient needs.

blankDental crowns serve many crucial functions in dentistry. They are instrumental in restoring fractured teeth, preventing further damage to cracked teeth, supporting teeth with extensive fillings, and reinforcing weakened teeth. Additionally, specific crowns are pivotal in securely anchoring dental bridges. In each scenario, the crown is a vital component, either by supporting or replacing a compromised tooth structure.

When teeth undergo severe damage, fractures, breakage, or irregular shaping, crowns emerge as the optimal solution. They restore the integrity of a damaged tooth and enhance its aesthetics and alignment. Once cemented in position, crowns seamlessly blend into the smile, becoming the sole visible aspect of the tooth. With their natural appearance, crowns harmonize with the surrounding dentition, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result. 

Crowns are akin to protective shields for your teeth, like how sewing thimbles shield fingertips. Crafted from robust materials, they’re engineered to withstand the rigours of chewing, seamlessly integrating with your natural teeth once securely affixed. As a resilient top layer, crowns safeguard the underlying tooth structure, ensuring its integrity and preventing breakage. Think of crowns as customized armour for your teeth, seamlessly blending into your smile to restore both function and aesthetics.

Our dentist begins the crown placement procedure by administering local anaesthesia to ensure your comfort. This numbs the tooth and surrounding gum tissue. Using precise tools like a dental drill and abrasive bur, they carefully sculpt the tooth’s outer surface to create ample space for the crown. A crown buildup may be added to reinforce the tooth’s structure if necessary.

Next, a detailed impression of your tooth is taken using advanced techniques like dental impression paste, putty, or a digital scanner. This impression is then sent to our trusted dental laboratory, where skilled technicians perfect your custom crown.

While your permanent crown is being fabricated, a temporary crown is placed to protect your tooth. Once the final crown is ready, you’ll return for the second appointment. During this visit, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent one is meticulously adjusted to ensure a precise fit and comfortable bite alignment.

Our dentist securely affixes the crown to your tooth using specialised dental cement. Once the cement sets, the crown becomes firmly bonded, restoring your tooth’s function and aesthetics effectively.

Crowns are comprehensive solutions for damaged teeth, offering restoration in shape, strength, functionality, and aesthetics. Once in place, they allow chewing comfortably and confidently and safeguard the underlying tooth structure from potential harm.

Beyond their protective role, crowns are pivotal in maintaining your mouth’s and bite’s structural integrity. Filling gaps left by decay or breakage prevents bite misalignment and unwanted tooth movement, thus preserving oral health and alignment.

Moreover, crowns seamlessly blend with natural teeth, enhancing the appearance of your smile. Crafted to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, they contribute to a confident and natural-looking smile that restores both function and aesthetics.

Addressing a range of dental concerns:

  • Repairing chipped or fractured teeth.
  • Restoring worn-out or decayed teeth.
  • Strengthening weakened teeth.
  • Concealing discolouration or irregular shape.
  • Enhancing the appearance of dental implants.
  • Lengthening existing teeth.
  • Camouflaging tooth discoloration.
  • Usually, patients plan a seven-day trip for dental crowns or complete veneer procedures, allocating five full days for treatment (excluding arrival and departure). Over these five days, three dental appointments are necessary to finish the process. However, the treatment duration may be shorter if you choose advanced options like Celtra Duo or DCT White® crowns or veneers utilizing CAD-CAM technology. In such cases, the recommended travel period will be adjusted according to the required crowns or veneers. The clinic will confirm the advised travel duration in all quotations.
  • Dentists can craft a Dental Bridge using a series of Dental Crowns/Full Veneers to address the issue of missing teeth or multiple teeth in a row. This bridge is securely anchored to the adjacent teeth, effectively closing the gaps and restoring the appearance of individual teeth. Maintaining the bridge is simple, requiring only regular brushing to keep it clean. We can offer numerous before-and-after examples to showcase the transformative results of this procedure.


VIP Clinics offers an extensive range of over 30 colours based on the Vita colour shade chart, a universally recognized system for tooth shading. Hollywood White, also known as BL1, stands out as the brightest shade available. Additionally, VIP Clinics offers DCT White®, also called Hollywood White, which surpasses BL1 in brightness and delivers the coveted Hollywood Smile effect.

With a spectrum that spans from Hollywood White to natural, yellow, and brown shades, VIP Clinics ensure that patients have ample choices for their Smile Makeover or Dental Facelift. The most popular selections include Hollywood White and Natural White, tailored to individual preferences and aesthetic goals. Patients can explore various options during consultations, from achieving a natural look to embracing a bolder appearance.

To achieve precise colour matching for Crowns/Full Veneers with the surrounding teeth, VIP Clinics employ skilled Dental Technicians capable of shading the porcelain layer to blend seamlessly with adjacent teeth. This meticulous approach ensures a subtle gradient along the gum line, mimicking the appearance of natural teeth.

VIP Clinics offers professional teeth whitening treatments for those seeking additional enhancements. Advanced laser technology brightens smiles before selecting the desired shade. Whether patients prefer a natural or more dramatic aesthetic, VIP Clinics prioritize personalized care and tailor treatment options to match individual visions, skin tones, and hair colours. Upon request, examples of different tooth colours are available, allowing patients to make informed decisions tailored to their unique preferences..

Following treatment, Dental Crowns/Full Veneers are covered by a five-year guarantee. These restorations can endure for 15 to 20 years with diligent oral hygiene practices. Some patients have returned to our clinics to replace Crowns/Full Veneers installed over 35 years ago.

Patients travelling abroad for dental treatment should carefully consider the clinic’s guarantee. While some clinics may offer guarantees, you must inquire about the specific terms and conditions before booking your treatment. Not all dental clinics provide guarantees, so clarifying this aspect beforehand is crucial. At Dental Centre Turkey, we take pride in offering treatment that ensures transparency and provides clear explanations of the terms and conditions, ensuring patients receive the utmost clarity and confidence in their dental care.s.

Turkey’s VIP dental clinics, designated as “Dental Centers,” operate under full licensing and regulation by the Turkish Ministry of Health, ensuring adherence to stringent standards surpassing those of conventional dental clinics. While many facilities may use the VIP or Dental Centre designation, genuine Dental Centers offer comprehensive services and hold a distinct registration status. Patients seeking clarification should verify the registered name of their chosen clinic, which will either include “Poliklinik” for legal dental clinics or “diş sağlığı Merezi” for Dental Centers. Unlike boutique clinics or Polikliniks, licensed Dental Centers are authorized to provide a broader spectrum of services.

Dental centres’ distinguishing advantage lies in their on-site clinic labs staffed by highly skilled Dental Technicians, totalling 12. This setup enables meticulous control over the quality and craftsmanship of dental restorations, ensuring precise fit, function, and aesthetics tailored to each patient’s needs. While dentists typically handle tooth preparation, Dental Technicians play a crucial role in fabricating individualized restorations.

VIP clinics, equipped with cutting-edge 3D CAD/CAM technology, afford patients unprecedented control over their treatment outcomes, including smile design and tooth shape. Such advanced expertise and technology are often beyond the reach of local clinics. Patients gravitate towards these clinics for cosmetic dentistry due to their proven track record of delivering exceptional results and superior dental care.

While cosmetic, dental Crowns and Full Veneers do not typically involve surgical intervention and are considered minimally invasive. Local anaesthesia is commonly administered to ensure patient comfort by numbing the treatment area, thereby minimizing discomfort. As a result, patients undergoing these treatments can expect a pain-free experience throughout the procedure.

During your initial appointment at the clinic, you will undergo a comprehensive consultation, during which a Panoramic X-ray of your teeth will be taken to assess your condition. Following the consultation, the dentists will proceed to prepare your teeth. Temporary teeth will be provided to you before you leave the clinic, allowing you to resume your daily activities until your next visit for a trial fitting. At your subsequent appointment, the dentists will conduct a trial fitting of the Dental Crown/ Full Veneer and assess if any adjustments are required before applying the porcelain or finalizing preparations. The new Crowns/ Full Veneers will be cemented and put in place during your final appointment. If additional adjustments are deemed necessary by you or the cosmetic dentist, they can be accommodated within 24 hours.

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