Cutting-Edge Dental Technologies at Marmaris Dental Center Turkey

CEREC® Innovation at Marmaris Dental Center Turkey

Experience the revolutionary CEREC® Technology at Marmaris Dental Center Turkey, offering same-day, top-tier teeth restoration solutions. Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods as this groundbreaking innovation allows on-site provision of all-ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays within a single day. We ensure precise design and long-lasting results for our valued patients by utilising advanced infrared camera technology and cutting-edge computer software.

Advanced Apex Locator Technology:

Our Endodontics practice integrates cutting-edge technology to ensure our patients receive the most effective and comfortable root canal treatments available. Alongside traditional diagnostic methods like radiography, we employ the Apex Locator, an advanced device that precisely pinpoints the root canal’s location, optimizing treatment outcomes.

With the Apex Locator, patients can anticipate painless procedures, boasting up to 95% success rate. This innovative tool enables us to work efficiently and comfortably, consistently delivering reliable results for our patients.

Backed by our team of skilled Endodontics specialists, we provide top-tier care. To better serve our patients, we enhance our treatments by offering state-of-the-art technology. Please get in touch with us today if you require root canal therapy or have inquiries about our services. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve excellent oral health and a radiant smile!


Pain-Free and Needle-Free Injection:

The Comfort-in™ offers a groundbreaking solution by delivering injections without any pain, offering immense relief to those with dental anxiety. Its innovative, needle-free design guarantees a painless injection, significantly enhancing comfort during dental procedures.

Sterilization Equipment:

At our dental clinic, patient well-being is our top priority. That’s why we implement rigorous sterilization measures using cutting-edge autoclave technology. This ensures that all equipment utilized during your treatment undergoes thorough sterilization, eliminating any harmful pathogens.

Operating as a pressurized chamber, the autoclave subjects equipment to high heat and pressure, effectively eradicating microorganisms. Our meticulous process involves heating equipment to temperatures between 250-270 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-30 minutes, guaranteeing a sterile environment for patient care.

We recognize the critical role of cleanliness and hygiene in dental procedures, so we spare no effort in utilizing advanced technology for comprehensive sterilization before each use. This dedication shields our patients from potential infections, fostering a sense of confidence and comfort throughout their dental experience.

If you have inquiries about our sterilization protocols or seek further insight into our dental offerings, please contact us. We remain steadfast in delivering exceptional care within a safe and inviting atmosphere.


PRP Equipment:


Our dental clinic takes pride in offering platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy as an advanced treatment option for our patients. PRP harnesses the body’s natural healing abilities by utilizing a patient’s blood to accelerate tissue regeneration and facilitate healing processes.

Rich in platelets, PRP contains essential growth factors for wound healing and tissue repair. By activating these platelets, we can stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms and promote the generation of new tissues.

During dental procedures, we concentrate the patient’s blood to extract PRP, which is then strategically applied to the surgical site just before the procedure commences. This straightforward yet impactful technique finds utility in various dental interventions, including dental implant bone grafting, sinus lift procedures, and addressing bone defects and fistula repair between oral and sinus cavities.

It’s essential to recognize that PRP therapy may not be suitable for individuals with bleeding disorders. Our proficient dental team thoroughly evaluates each patient’s medical history and individual requirements to ascertain the suitability and safety of PRP therapy.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding PRP therapy or wish to explore our comprehensive range of dental services further. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering superior-quality care, utilizing cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Pain-Free Injection Device:

In our dental practice, safety and comfort are paramount, particularly during complex procedures like dental implant surgery and sinus lifts. That’s why we rely on the Physio Dispenser, an innovative tool that enhances our patients’ safety and comfort.

Our dentists utilize the Physio Dispenser to prepare the hard tissues effectively during surgical interventions, such as dental implant placements. By doing so, we minimize discomfort and maximize the success of the procedure.

Understanding the anxiety that dental treatments can induce, we strive to create a serene and reassuring atmosphere for our patients. Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your visit.

If you have any inquiries about the Physio Dispenser or any other aspect of our dental services, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology and techniques for optimal patient outcomes.

phsyo dispenser

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System:

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System

Our dental practice prioritises staying at the forefront of technological advancements to offer our patients safety and efficacy. Among our state-of-the-art equipment is the Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System, a cutting-edge tool harnessing ultrasonic vibrations for precise and gentle oral and maxillofacial surgeries and dental implant procedures.

With the Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System, we can confidently undertake a range of treatments, including sinus lifts, implant site preparations, root and teeth preparations, and orthodontic surgeries. This technology mainly benefits patients with delicate bone structures, ensuring procedures are performed with enhanced accuracy and safety.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced technology and techniques available to achieve optimal outcomes. Should you have any inquiries about the Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System or our dental services, please feel free to contact us. Our seasoned team of dental professionals is here to guide you on your journey to a healthy and radiant smile.

Digital Panoramic X-ray:

During treatment planning, panoramic dental X-rays are an invaluable resource for dental professionals and oral surgeons. Offering a comprehensive perspective of the teeth, jawbone, and surrounding tissues, these images enable a meticulous assessment of dental conditions and irregularities.

With panoramic X-rays, dentists can gauge the extent of tooth decay, monitor tooth growth and development, and detect indications of gum disease. They can also facilitate the identification of jawbone cysts, tumours, or other growths that warrant further examination or intervention.

Furthermore, panoramic X-rays are crucial in strategizing dental procedures like extractions, implants, and orthodontic interventions, ensuring meticulous planning and execution for optimal patient outcomes.


Panoramic X-rays offer a comprehensive view of the entire oral cavity, enabling dentists and oral surgeons to meticulously evaluate the teeth and jawbone’s position, alignment, and structure. This detailed assessment ensures the safe and effective planning and execution of procedures.

In essence, panoramic X-rays serve as an indispensable diagnostic resource, empowering dental professionals to strategize treatments with unparalleled precision and accuracy, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Magnetic Mallet Equipment:

blankThe Magnetic Mallet Equipment is pivotal in various dental procedures, including sinus lift surgeries, bone compression, and expansion techniques. Renowned for its versatility, this indispensable device boasts four distinct intensity settings, ensuring unparalleled safety and precision during treatment. With its standard set of ten interchangeable tips, the equipment facilitates seamless implant insertion and bone expansion, exemplifying its indispensability in modern dentistry.

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