At Marmaris Dental Center, a successful dental implant journey starts well before the treatment. Our dedication to providing exceptional care is evident from the beginning – during the Pre-Treatment Consultation. This pivotal first step is essential, laying the groundwork for a personalized treatment strategy that matches your dental requirements and aspirations.

Pre-Treatment Consultation: A Comprehensive Evaluation Customized Assessment:

Recognizing the individuality of every smile, we invest considerable time in understanding your dental background and personal preferences. Our experts engage in detailed conversations to explore your expectations, address any concerns, and ascertain the exact results you aspire to achieve with the comprehensive dental implant treatment. This customized process ensures that our approach perfectly resonates with your smile aspirations.

Cutting-edge Diagnostic Instruments:

Employing state-of-the-art dental equipment, our clinic harnesses cutting-edge diagnostic tools to conduct a thorough oral health assessment. This includes:

3D Dental Visualization Technology:  By utilizing Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans, we obtain an intricate three-dimensional visualization of your jawbone, teeth, and nerves. This level of precision imaging facilitates meticulous planning for implant placement, leading to superior outcomes.

Computerized Dental Impressions: Say farewell to the discomfort of traditional dental moulds. Our state-of-the-art digital impression technology provides a swift, precise, and comfortable method for capturing the exact details of your mouth’s anatomy.

Remote Treatment Planning: Harnessing cutting-edge software, we digitally replicate the entire implant procedure. This not only boosts the precision of implant placement but also enables you to envision the potential outcomes of your treatment.

Customized Treatment Strategy:

Our dental implant experts meticulously design a bespoke treatment strategy based on extensive insights from our assessment and diagnostic procedures. This strategy considers various factors, such as the ideal quantity and variety of implants, prerequisite procedures like bone grafting, and the projected timeline for your treatment. We aim to plan every facet of your implant experience, tailored precisely to your unique dental anatomy and aesthetic aspirations.

Empowered Decision-Making:

We are committed to empowering our patients through knowledge. Following your pre-treatment consultation, our specialists will guide you through your personalized treatment plan, elaborating extensively on each stage. We welcome inquiries and are devoted to offering precise, thorough responses to ensure you feel assured and knowledgeable about your choice to pursue full-mouth dental implants at our facility.

At Marmaris Dental Center, we initiate your path to a revitalized smile with an unyielding commitment to tailored attention and assistance. We guarantee that your treatment blueprint reflects your individuality. Join us on this remarkable voyage, where your envisioned smile awaits amidst the breathtaking ambience of Marmaris, Turkey.

Exclusive Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Offers: Comprehensive Implant Packages

Experience comprehensive dental implant solutions at Marmaris Dental Center, where we specialize in restoring smiles affected by complete edentulism in both the upper and lower jaws. Situated in the enchanting destination of Marmaris, Turkey, our clinic stands out for its personalized treatment strategies, meticulously crafted to harmonize with each patient’s unique jawbone structure. Understanding our patients’ diverse needs and preferences regarding dental implants, we offer a range of full-mouth dental implant package deals tailored to meet their individual requirements.

Among the queries frequently raised by our patients is the cost of acquiring a complete set of dental implants in Turkey. It’s crucial to note that the pricing and package options for comprehensive dental implant procedures at our facility are influenced by factors such as the type of implants selected and the specific intricacies of each patient’s surgical process. At Marmaris Dental Center, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional treatment outcomes and holiday experiences at prices that are not only cost-effective but also competitive globally. With a team of skilled dental professionals committed to achieving remarkable success rates in dental implant treatments, we ensure our patients receive unparalleled dental care.

If you’re seeking excellence in dental treatment and want to spend your holiday amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Marmaris, Turkey, Marmaris Dental Center is your ultimate destination. Join us as we restore your smile with our full sets of dental implants, promising a tranquil and unforgettable treatment experience tailored exclusively to your needs.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment in Turkey

At our esteemed Marmaris Dental Center in the captivating city of Marmaris, Turkey, we typically administer a minimum of 8 to 6 implants for the upper jaw and a minimum of 6 implants for the lower jaw in our full-mouth dental implant procedures. This equates to a minimum of 12 or 14 implants required for a complete set of dental implants.

While full-mouth dental implant treatments represent a premium solution, they significantly enhance patient comfort and elevate their quality of life. Given the substantial number and cost of full-mouth dental implants in Turkey, our package deals reflect this premium service.

For individuals seeking treatment for a few missing teeth or needing a complete set of dental implants in Turkey, we recommend proactively using medication for infection as a precautionary measure. This involves starting the medication regimen three days before they visit Turkey.

Even minor tooth infections may occur in certain instances, necessitating extraction before dental implant surgery. By preemptively administering infection medication, we prioritize our patients’ comfort during the implant procedure and subsequent recovery.

Upon arrival at our esteemed clinic in Marmaris, Turkey, patients seeking a full set of dental implants undergo a meticulous assessment, including a panoramic X-ray and oral examination. Our adept doctors analyze the examination findings meticulously to craft a bespoke treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Subsequently, we embark on the implant surgery journey, committed to delivering unparalleled care and ensuring optimal treatment outcomes for our valued patients.

The Vital Steps Following Full Mouth Dental Implants

The Recovery Phase: A Vital Component of Full-Mouth Dental Implant Treatment in Marmaris, Turkey

The postoperative phase following full-mouth dental implant treatment is immensely significant, particularly considering the scenic beauty of Marmaris, Turkey. This crucial period profoundly impacts the overall success of the procedure, highlighting the necessity of adhering to your dental professional’s instructions. At Marmaris Dental Center, we place a premium on patient education, ensuring thorough comprehension and compliance with prescribed postoperative care protocols.

Central to the postoperative phase is the diligent management of prescribed medications for infection prevention and pain relief. Consistent adherence to these medications is pivotal for facilitating optimal healing and minimizing discomfort during recovery.

Maintaining oral hygiene is equally vital, and focusing on incorporating chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash into the daily regimen to combat gum disease-causing bacteria effectively. To maximize the efficacy of mouthwash, we advise a one-hour interval between rinsing and consuming food or beverages, allowing ample time for the mouthwash’s protective effects to take effect.

While mouthwash plays a crucial role, mechanical cleaning constitutes the cornerstone of oral hygiene. At Marmaris Dental Center, we emphasize meticulous teeth brushing techniques supplemented by regular dental check-ups, comprising 95% of oral care practices. Mastering proper brushing techniques and committing to routine dental visits are indispensable for ensuring the longevity and success of full-mouth dental implants.

Our dedicated team is poised to assist you at every stage, blending exceptional dental care with the tranquil ambience of Marmaris, Turkey, to deliver an unparalleled dental journey.

What is the Reason for the Waiting Period Before Getting Fixed Teeth on Implants?

At Marmaris Dental Center in Turkey, we adhere to a crucial waiting period of 2-4 months following full-mouth dental implant procedures or treatments for a few missing teeth. This waiting period is pivotal as it facilitates the integration of the implant with the jawbone, a process fundamental to treatment success. While dental implants employ an advanced screw system, their fusion with the bone differs significantly from a typical screw-to-wood attachment mechanism.

Dental implants cannot securely anchor in the jawbone merely by relying on friction force. Hence, the waiting period is dedicated to osseointegration, a process critical for the long-term viability of dental implant treatment. Osseointegration entails the gradual fusion of the implant with the adjacent bone, establishing a robust and enduring foundation for replacement teeth.

At Marmaris Dental Center, we prioritize comprehensive post-operative care to optimize the outcomes of dental implant procedures. Our seasoned and dedicated team is committed to guiding you through every stage of the process, ensuring you receive unparalleled treatment and support for a successful dental implant journey.

Moving Forward:

After strategically placing a dental implant in the jawbone, it becomes enveloped by osteoblast cells, which play a crucial role in generating new bone tissue. This process, known as osseointegration, forms a micro-mechanical bond between the implant and the bone, ensuring a durable and resilient connection. Should the need arise to extract the implant after osseointegration, it cannot be unscrewed due to its deep integration with the bone.

Instead, the extraction process entails carefully removing healthy bone tissue surrounding the implant. This highlights the importance of meticulous planning in implant placement, angle adjustment, and quantity determination to achieve successful outcomes. By adopting this precise approach, we uphold the jawbone’s integrity while optimising the dental implant’s effectiveness and longevity. Thus, strategic planning and execution are paramount in ensuring successful dental implant procedures.

Exclusive Full Mouth Dental Implant Packages in Turkey

In our renowned Marmaris Dental Center, situated amidst the captivating landscapes of the Turkish Riviera, we recognize the profound significance of embarking on the transformative journey towards a radiant smile with full-mouth dental implants. Guided by our commitment to excellence, we meticulously consider three fundamental elements shaping your smile’s investment. These pillars are pivotal in customizing our package deals to suit your requirements impeccably, ensuring unparalleled outcomes and exceeding your expectations at every step of the journey.

1. The Quantity of Implants:

The meticulous placement of implants within your jawbone lies at the heart of a triumphant full-mouth rejuvenation. Our seasoned team typically advises on a tailored range of 12 to 16 implants, considering the unique aspects of your dental structure. This strategic positioning is vital in achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functional prowess, influencing the investment needed for your transformative odyssey.

2. Implant Brand Selection: 

Your selection of implant brands significantly affects the overall investment in your dental implant journey. Marmaris Dental Center presents a curated array of globally acclaimed implant brands, each distinguished by its innovative features and exceptional durability. Whether you prioritize advanced technological capabilities or unmatched longevity, your chosen brand subtly shapes the cost of your personalized treatment package.

3. Supplementary Treatments: 

The journey towards achieving your perfect smile is as unique as you are, and sometimes, it involves additional steps like bone grafting or sinus lifts to ensure optimal results. These procedures are not mere additions but integral components that contribute to the longevity and success of your dental implants, influencing the overall package cost.

At Marmaris Dental Center, we prioritize transparency and personalized care. Through thoroughly assessing your dental needs, we provide a precise estimate for your full-mouth dental implant package. This includes evaluating the number of implants required, selecting the ideal implant brand, and determining any supplementary procedures necessary for the treatment’s success and durability.

By choosing Marmaris Dental Center, you’re placing your smile in expert hands amidst the stunning backdrop of a Turkish retreat. We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us, where the promise of dental excellence merges with the allure of an unforgettable getaway.

What is the price of a complete set of dental implants in Turkey?

Determining the cost of a complete set of teeth implants in Turkey is contingent upon the number of dental implants necessary. Should you require 12 dental implants, our full mouth dental implants package ranges from £4200 to £7800. Alternatively, if 14 dental implants are needed, costs may fluctuate between £4900 and £9100, with pricing influenced by the selected implant brand. For precise details and to ascertain the exact price of a complete set of dental implants in Turkey, please get in touch with us.

Why is there a disparity in full-mouth dental implant package deals and pricing across Turkey?

Why do the costs and package deals for full-mouth dental implants vary across Turkey? Several factors contribute to this disparity. One key factor is the materials utilized by different companies, which can differ in research and development budgets, profit margins, and policies. Additionally, taxation, customs conditions, stock costs, dealer profits, and payment terms can influence implant costs.

Furthermore, the expenses associated with the clinic and the dentist can significantly impact the overall cost and package deals for dental implants in Turkey. These expenses may include rental fees, equipment and instrument costs, and the dentist’s expertise. Investing in advanced equipment and experienced dentists may result in more precise work and superior treatment outcomes, albeit at a higher price.

While inexpensive dental implants may be available in Turkey, it’s crucial to consider the dentist’s expertise and the clinic’s investments. Selecting a well-equipped, reassuring, and proficient clinic can enhance the success and durability of the implant treatment. Opting for cheaper implants might lead to future issues, ultimately increasing the patient’s costs. Therefore, it’s vital to consider various factors when selecting a clinic for tooth implant treatment in Turkey.

What is the recommended duration for staying in Turkey to undergo full-mouth dental implant treatment?


For individuals considering full-mouth dental implant treatment in Turkey, we advise a stay of 4 to 5 nights in Marmaris, thoughtfully included in our comprehensive full-mouth dental implants Turkey package deals. Following the implant procedure, our patients can unwind and recuperate in the comfort of their hotel accommodations. Moreover, we arrange a follow-up appointment a few days post-surgery to fit a temporary palate prosthesis or teeth. Subsequently, our patients receive temporary custom-made prostheses crafted meticulously to match the exact measurements obtained during their visit.

What is the Frequency of Visits Required for Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey?

For individuals undergoing full-mouth dental implant treatment in Turkey, the process involves two visits to Marmaris. During the initial trip, the implants are placed, followed by 3-4 months waiting for them to integrate with the jawbone. After this period, patients return for their second visit, during which fixed porcelain teeth are applied.

During the second visit, patients are encouraged to stay in Marmaris for 5 to 7 days, with accommodation included in our comprehensive full-mouth dental implants Turkey package deals. This ensures that patients can undergo the necessary procedures comfortably and with convenience. Additionally, our clinic provides accommodation arrangements to enhance the patient experience further and ensure their overall comfort.

Recovery Instructions Following Dental Implant Surgery in Marmaris, Turkey

Following a full-mouth dental implant procedure or the placement of implants for missing teeth at our esteemed clinic in Marmaris, Turkey, we furnish our patients with comprehensive guidelines outlining essential postoperative care instructions.

Here are some essential postoperative factors to bear in mind:


  1. Avoid pressing the implants by sticking to soft, mashed food options.
  2. Take the prescribed infection medication for five days post-surgery to prevent any complications.
  3. Use painkillers for two days after the procedure to effectively manage discomfort.
  4. Maintain oral hygiene by using mouthwash regularly for a week following the surgery.
  5. Apply ice to the surgical site at five-minute intervals for thirty minutes to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  6. Steer clear of hot or abrasive foods and drinks that irritate the area.
  7. Use a raised pillow to optimize your sleeping environment and ensure better sleep quality and comfort throughout your recovery period.

Following these guidelines diligently can contribute significantly to ensuring successful healing and recovery after dental implant surgery.

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