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What causes teeth to turn yellow?

Two factors contribute to this, and both tend to worsen with age:


Dental Enamel Erosion: Preserving Your Smile’s Strength

The outermost layer of teeth, known as enamel, is naturally white and serves as a protective barrier for the inner tooth structure. Beneath the enamel lies dentin, a yellowish-brown tissue. When the enamel wears thin or becomes damaged, the teeth may appear darker.

Specific individuals naturally have thinner enamel, and acidic foods can contribute to enamel erosion, which causes teeth to darken over time.

Discolouration: Restoring Your Smile’s Radiance

Certain foods and beverages, such as cola and coffee, have staining properties that can discolour teeth. Some of these staining agents can also affect the enamel, further contributing to yellowing.

Other sources of stains include tobacco products, smoking and certain types of antibiotics.

Who Could Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening Services?

Professional teeth whitening in Marmaris offers a straightforward solution to transform yellowish teeth into a brighter, whiter smile. While it’s natural for teeth to have a slight yellow hue, daily habits and dietary choices can intensify discolouration, detracting from your smile’s appearance. Factors such as frequent coffee consumption or smoking can lead to noticeable yellowing that regular brushing may not effectively address. Professional teeth whitening could be the ideal solution if you find your teeth noticeably or unnaturally yellowed. Even subtle discolouration that bothers you can be effectively treated with our in-office teeth whitening procedure. 


What constitutes Professional Teeth Whitening? 

Daily brushing with standard toothpaste isn’t practical in removing stubborn teeth stains entrenched in enamel. While you might have experimented with various tooth-whitening products available in supermarkets, such as toothpaste, gels, and rinses, they often contain low concentrations of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide. Consequently, while these products may yield slight improvements in teeth brightness, they usually need to improve in effectively tackling tougher stains.

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening is a procedure exclusively performed by certified dentists to address challenging teeth stains. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional teeth whitening offers longer-lasting and more profound results. At Marmaris Dental Center, we provide laser teeth whitening, which is renowned for its speed and effectiveness. You can undergo the procedure with just one visit and witness noticeable improvements shortly after.

Experience the Next Level of Teeth Whitening in Marmaris, Turkey, with Laser Technology

Laser Whitening at our practice involves a comprehensive 1-hour 45-minute bleaching treatment coupled with lab bleaching trays and whitening syringes.

Laser Whitening stands out as one of the swiftest whitening systems globally for those seeking significantly whiter teeth in a short timeframe. It entails applying a potent whitening gel to the teeth, followed by activation using a high-intensity plasma arc light. The outcome is immediately noticeable—a remarkable shift in tooth colour. Subsequently, a rapid home treatment stabilizes the colour change and further enhances the final result.


Advantages of Laser-Based Teeth Whitening

Rapid and Effective Results

Laser whitening stands out for its exceptional swiftness and effectiveness. While other whitening techniques might require weeks or even months to yield visible outcomes, laser teeth whitening can significantly improve in one session, lasting around 1 hour and 45 minutes. This makes it a perfect option for those seeking rapid and impressive results.

Instantaneous Outcome

Laser teeth whitening delivers instant results, ensuring you leave the dental clinic with a visibly brighter and whiter smile. Activating the whitening gel by the high-intensity plasma arc light speeds up bleaching, leading to immediate transformation.

Tailored Therapy

In laser whitening, the concentration of the whitening gel can be customized to suit your unique requirements and desires. This personalized approach allows the dentist to fine-tune the treatment, guaranteeing that you attain the precise level of whiteness you desire, whether it’s a subtle enhancement or a striking transformation.

Diminished Sensitivity

Laser teeth whitening procedures often incorporate desensitizing agents, which reduce tooth sensitivity throughout and after the treatment. This feature is especially advantageous for those with sensitive teeth, offering a more comfortable experience than alternative whitening techniques.

Enduring Effects

Though outcomes may differ from person to person, laser teeth whitening has the potential to deliver enduring benefits when complemented by diligent oral hygiene and routine dental maintenance. Avoiding tobacco, moderating your intake of teeth-staining foods and drinks, and adhering to good oral care practices can contribute to the preservation of your rejuvenated, radiant smile for an extended duration.

Guided by expert oversight

Opting for laser teeth whitening at a renowned dental facility in Marmaris, Turkey, guarantees that skilled and accredited practitioners administer the procedure. Dentists possess the proficiency and experience to evaluate your dental well-being, manage issues, and deliver tailored attention during the whitening treatment, ensuring its safety and efficacy.

It’s essential to understand that outcomes may differ from person to person, influenced by factors like the starting shade of teeth, daily habits, and oral health status. Seeking guidance from a certified dentist is vital to selecting the most appropriate teeth whitening approach and guaranteeing the best possible results.

With laser teeth whitening at our facility in Marmaris, you can attain a radiant, brighter smile, enhancing your self-assurance and making a memorable impact.

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