Implant Procedures without Surgery in Turkey

No incisions, no sutures

Precise, secure, and reliable surgical approach
Reduced duration of operation
Quicker recovery with flapless surgery
Elimination of stitches or incisions, enhancing patient comfort
Minimal discomfort post-procedure
Option for immediate placement of prosthetics

Dental Implants Through Non-Surgical Means (Guided Implant-Teeth in an Hour Technique)

The (Guided Implant) Teeth-in-an-hour technique revolutionizes dental implant procedures, drastically reducing treatment time. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, patients can receive dental implants and fully functional teeth in a single appointment.

This technique is central to integrating advanced radiographic methods with computer technology, enabling precise implant placement. Dentists can use detailed 3-D imaging to accurately assess bone structure, identify optimal bone integrity areas, determine implant positions, and even design a permanent prosthesis before surgery.

Computer-guided Implants utilize 3/D volumetric tomography images seamlessly integrated into a computer simulation program. This painless and swift process eliminates surgical intervention, ensuring patient comfort and convenience.

Computer-guided implantology (CGI) is widely accepted for its proven safety and efficacy. By relying on three-dimensional images, Guided Implant Planning eliminates uncertainty and risks associated with traditional methods, providing dentists with a comprehensive roadmap for the procedure. This proactive approach not only minimizes errors but also optimizes efficiency, ultimately saving valuable time for both patients and practitioners.

Computer-Guided Implantology: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Swift and Superior Dental Implant Procedures

Staying at the forefront of implant dentistry, we embrace cutting-edge technologies like Computer-Guided Implantology. This innovative approach utilizes advanced surgical guides to ensure precise and efficient implant procedures.

First, we meticulously assess the patient’s upper and lower jaw dimensions. Then, using state-of-the-art volumetric tomography scanners, we capture detailed three-dimensional images of the oral cavity. These images are then input into a sophisticated 3-D simulation program, where our dentists customize treatment options and refine angles and positions to perfection.

Based on the simulation, a precise surgical guide is meticulously crafted, acting as a gum overlay during the procedure. This guide serves as a roadmap for implant placement, eliminating the need for invasive gum incisions. Our skilled dentists and dental technicians collaborate to ensure optimal planning and execution of each procedure.

The accuracy of the surgical guide is paramount, as it directly impacts the success and functionality of the implants. Any inaccuracies in implant placement can compromise chewing function and hinder proper gum integration. With Computer-Guided Implantology, we prioritize precision and efficacy to deliver exceptional patient results.

Breakthroughs in Diagnostic Techniques, Strategized Planning, and Implant Execution Guarantee Pinpoint Accuracy in Placement and Immediate Functional Results.

Dental implants fit precisely into surgically prepared sites and boast minimal healing time, allowing for immediate functionality and restoration loading. The Non-Surgical Dental Implants procedure, completed in about an hour, offers patients their final teeth and a rejuvenated smile, ushering in a new lease on life.

The Guided Implant technique, applicable to single-tooth, multiple-teeth, and full-arch replacements, is especially beneficial for total rehabilitation in edentulous patients and those with coagulation disorders. Meticulous diagnostics, implementation, and planning afford us complete control over processing parameters, facilitating optimal implant positioning that integrates biomechanical, functional, and aesthetic considerations with bone quality and quantity.

Renowned for its speed and efficacy, dental implantation via this technique ensures quicker and more comfortable procedures for patients, minimizing postoperative discomfort and scarring. With the possibility of resuming a healthy lifestyle within 24 hours, this approach boasts a mere 2% implant rejection rate, underscoring its reliability and success.

If you're contemplating dental implants, delve into non-surgical alternatives. These innovative methods present a plethora of advantages for patients:

Experience the Difference: Non-surgical implants offer a streamlined procedure, often completed in ten minutes. This means less time in the dental chair and a swift return to your daily routine.

Minimal Bleeding: A standout feature of non-surgical implants is the absence of gum incisions, leading to minimal bleeding. This is particularly beneficial for patients on blood thinners.

Stitch-Free: Without the need for incisions, stitches are not required, sparing patients discomfort and inconvenience.

Swelling-Free: Say goodbye to post-treatment swelling, a common issue with traditional surgical methods.

Pain-Free: Patients enjoy a pain-free experience during and after the procedure, ensuring maximum comfort and reduced stress.

Lower Infection Risk: Non-surgical implants boast a reduced risk of infection compared to traditional methods, providing a safer alternative for patients.

Surgery-Free: Bid farewell to surgical procedures—non-surgical implants require no surgery, resulting in minimal gum trauma and faster recovery times.

In summary, non-surgical implant procedures offer many benefits, including shorter chair time, minimal bleeding, stitch-free treatment, absence of swelling or pain, lower infection risk, and no need for surgery. Are you interested in non-surgical dental implants? Consult your dentist or reach out to us to explore this option further.

"Discovering Eligibility for Non-Surgical Dental Implants: Who Qualifies?"

“At our clinic, cutting-edge technology empowers our expert dental team to evaluate the jawbone structure of each patient meticulously. We can proceed with a non-surgical implant procedure if the bone quality meets the criteria. However, for individuals facing bone loss or degradation, commonly observed in older adults or those with specific medical conditions impacting bone health, conventional implant surgery following bone replacement therapy might be advised. Rest assured, our seasoned dental professionals conduct thorough assessments tailored to each patient’s unique needs to craft the optimal treatment strategy.”

What limitations should be considered?

Gum lifting may be required in cases where the patient exhibits restricted mouth opening due to infections in the surrounding area or if there’s a need to augment soft or hard tissues. (You can click here If you want to read our blog post about Bone Grafting-Sinus Lifting) 

Transform your dental treatment into a rejuvenating holiday experience at Marmaris Dental Center.

This cutting-edge surgical technique is typically found in prestigious dental clinics across London, UK. However, due to its innovative nature and focus on aesthetics, these clinics charge high fees. Patients may face prices of up to £3,500 for an implant placed using this advanced technique in the UK.

At our three clinics in Turkey, including our renowned centre in Marmaris, we offer this procedure at more affordable rates without compromising on quality. Situated in the heart of Marmaris, our clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a CT Scanner and an expert Implant planning team utilizing the latest Guided Implant technology. Patients from the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Australia often travel to our clinic for this procedure due to our reputation for excellence and affordability.

Despite the initial investment in technology, we prioritize making this advanced treatment accessible to more patients. As word spreads about our clinic and the cutting-edge technology we utilize, the benefits will become increasingly evident, making the investment worthwhile in the long run.

Feel free to contact us anytime to explore the most suitable treatment options for your needs and to receive comprehensive details about our competitive pricing.

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